Tulo, hard at work again. He needs a holiday 😆 ...

Zeus was here today giving moral support to his big brother. How did they ever find a shirt that tiny? 🐶 ...

Maddox isn't quite sure about having this satellite dish thing around his head 😆 We think it brings out his eyes! ...

Abby hanging out with our nurses - is she winking at us? 😉 ...

Bibi sure seems to like our sunny yard! 😁 ...



Jessica with little Zeus

Jessica with little Zeus


Zeus was in to support his big brother Finn today










Today, Darq was neutered.  He gets to go home with an E-collar so he doesn't lick at his incision.  Licking at an incision can cause infection and traumatize the incision line.  All our spays and neuters go home with these collars as a preventive measure.



Thank You to everyone for choosing Coastland as the "Best Pet Clinic" in Campbell River.

Everyone at Coastland is so appreciative of the support from this wonderful community.Image result for Campbell River Mirror readers choice awards 2017


Our goal is to provide friendly and professional service to our clients and outstanding medical care to our patients.

Our hard-working and loyal staff are wonderful and are extremely happy and grateful for the recognition.





We have added new content and photos to our webpage.  Take a look and let us know what you think..1489195_668703406523490_1687348440_n



Tulo with his bestie Alyssa

Tulo with his bestie Alyssa



Tulo is our awesome clinic cat.  He's a sweetie and will happily let you give him belly rubs.  Tulo is an unusual kitty, come and meet him.
He loves to hang out in our reception area and greet everyone.  He is also a proficient napper, so if you don't see him, he is probably snoozing away in the manager's office.








Tulo's usual office hours vary from Monday to Thursday.


He is afterall a cat, and sometimes prefers to stay home with his other kitty friends 🙂







Our goal at Coastland is to give your pets the best quality and longevity of life as possible. Old age is not a disease, but certain diseases can be age related. Some conditons that can affect dogs and cats, such as kidney, heart, thyroid and dental disease, can start to appear as your pet ages.  The earlier we detect these health problems, the earlier we can get on top of them. 


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For more information, see our PET HEALTH SECTION on this website