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A note about

Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease

aka Infectious Tracheobronchitis

aka Kennel Cough


If your dog is coughing and you are bringing your pet in to be seen by a veterinarian

****please leave your pet in the car, with the windows

open for air flow, and see reception to check

in for your appointment.****

We will assist you right away. And if it will be a wait we will let you know so you can get your dog and car into a shady area.

Our docotors may be able to complete the examination in your vehicle.

This will help us control the spread of CIRD in the hospital.

As you may have heard, there is a particularily nasty strain going around town, and we do recommend a doctor visit if your pet is suffering from any of the following symptoms: persistant violent coughing (sounding like something is lodged in the throat), fever, lethargy, or coughing up any foamy substance. Often times this illness can cause complications in immunosuppressed animals, but also may require treatment in even the healthiest of dogs.

If your pet is exhibiting any of these symptoms, please keep your dog away from other dogs for at least a month. The bacteria that causes C.I.R.D. is very hardy, and can be contageous well after the host is symptom free- even up to 4 months!

For more information, check out these links:

Veterinary Partner - Kennel Cough Article with VIDEO

Interesting article about symptoms, incubation, diagnosis and treatment

Congratulations to our Coastland Vet Honey Badgers! They not only completed the entire 19.2km Tough Mudder course, they conquered every obstacle in their way with gusto!! Thank you to all of those who supported them and helped them raise over $560 for Camp Goodtimes.

coastland honey badgers

tough-mudder coastland

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What is Camp Goodtimes?

Check this out!

When you see a yellow ribbon on a leash or collar

remember: that dog needs SPACE!


yellow ribbon


Have you considered PET INSURANCE?


Insurance provides coverage for unforseen accidents - such as a broken tooth, ligament injury, altercation with another animal, broken leg, etc. Or illnesses - such as ear infection, vomiting/diarrhea, diabetes, etc. There are policies that cover just accidents, and others that cover accidents as well as illnesses. See the websites below for a free quote. And remember - with an exam at our clinic we will happily give you a free trial of insurance from Petsecure or Trupanion. Ask reception about your free trial next time you are in!!


 Trupanion - some features: covers 90% of your veterinary costs and covers alternative treatments such as accupuncture.*

Petsecure -some features: Premium plan covers annual dental cleaning and vaccines and even parasite prevention.*

 PC Pet Insurance -Presidents Choice- features: pet insurance that covers accident only starting at only

 $9.95/mo for dog and $10.95/mo for cats.*

* depending on the policy you select.

There are many insurance companies out there, and no one pet insurance company is recommended over another. Ask reception next time you come in if you'd like some more information about the insurance companies we deal with on a daily basis.



We also accept PET CARD

We accept PetCard! If you are faced with an unexpected pet expense -and you don't have insurance, you can get approval for financing through PetCard within minutes!  Click here to access their website. We also have applications in the clinic.