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You know that saying "don't believe everything you read on the internet"? Here is a great example of a photo that has been circulating Facebook land. We wanted to share with you some valid points made by another Veterinary Hospital regarding this photo.
Bottom line, always check with your Veterinarian first.

This is a warning surrounding a popular image that has recently been circulating Facebook recommending medications that are "safe" for pets. Believe me, you are not doing your pet any favors by medicating them at home with over the counter drugs. Here's why this misinformation is dangerous to your pet: 1) Benadryl (note: this is not even spelled correctly on the image, if that tells you anything about the quality of the information)- Useful for mild allergic reactions, has little efficacy in helping with itching due to seasonal allergies (atopy) or food allergies and is typically overused for other medical problems where Benadryl is not indicated at all (i.e anxiety relief, nausea, pain, motion sickness, or generally "not feeling well.") As such, we do not recommend giving this medication without consulting with a veterinarian. 2) Dramamine (note: the dose reported of this medication is not correct!) Rarely do veterinarians recommend this medication for motion sickness because we have medications that work better without the side effects. 3) Hydrogen Peroxide (note: the dose reported of this substance is not correct!) While hydrogen peroxide can be used to induce vomiting, there are medications that are safer and work more reliably. Also, whether or not vomiting SHOULD be induced is typically a question for a veterinarian. There are many risks to using hydrogen peroxide, such as irritation of the stomach and espohagus or even ulcers, which can be fatal. This graphic also does not state that hydrogen peroxide should never be used in cats! 4) Hydrocortisone- Not recommended because what owners typically think is a simple "rash" is frequently a skin infection that requires antibiotic therapy. Hydrocortisone can also cause thinning of the skin, worsening of skin infections, change in the pigment of the skin. It can even cause signs of Cushing's disease if overused. 5) Pepcid and Zantac- While we do use antacid medications in our companion animals as treatment for various conditions, these conditions need to first be diagnosed by a veterinarian. 6) Buffered Aspirin- I NEVER recommend this medication for so many reasons. There are much safer medications that can be used instead of aspirin, which has many side effects, including ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract and impaired blood clotting. I see these side effects VERY frequently. Sometimes they are life threatening. Aspirin can also not be used with many of the pain medications that veterinarian typically prescribe (Rimadyl, Metacam, Deramaxx, etc.) I have posted on Facebook regarding aspirin use in companion animals, so see my previous post for more information. 7) PeptoBismol- Not recommended because it has salicylates (aspirin like compound) that can be dangerous, particularly in cats. Also, giving this medication may interfere with our ability to read x-rays because bismuth (one of the ingredients in this medication) will show up white on the x-rays. Again, we have much better medications to treat diarrhea or vomiting that are indicated based on the underlying condition causing the diarrhea/vomiting, so this is yet another medication I would never advise giving. 8) Gas-X- This medication is not something that is frequently used in veterinary medicine, probably because it is not effective, and if a dog appears "gassy" or "bloated," a better option would be to have a veterinarian diagnose and treat the underlying cause, especially in cases of potential GDV ("bloat,") which is a life threatening emergency. 9) Imodium A-D (note: the dose reported of this medication is not at all correct!) Yet another medication I would never recommend administering to your pet. This medication works by altering the movement of the intestines and it therefore potentially dangerous in cases where the cause of the diarrhea is something related to infection or toxins. In that case, the last thing we want to do is prevent elimination. It can even be fatal in certain breeds of dogs who have a known genetic mutation (frequently herding breeds like Collies) and are sensitive to certain medications. 10) Robitussin DM- I saved the "best" for last. This medication is particularly dangerous because there are so many formulations of Robitussin that contain ingredients that can literally kill your pet with a single dose. We have more efficacious medications for cough and the underlying cause of the cough needs to be diagnosed before treating. Causes of cough include upper respiratory infection, pneumonia, collapsing trachea, heartworm disease, and congestive heart failure, and all of these require completely different treatments. If you have questions or concerns regarding your pet's health, please ask a veterinarian. Also, please share this post with your friends so we can empower pet owners with CORRECT information! Thanks for reading, -Dr. Gulker-

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Our goal at Coastland is to give your pets the best quality and longevity of life as possible. Old age is not a disease, but certain diseases can be age related. Some conditons that can affect dogs and cats, such as kidney, heart, thyroid and dental disease, can start to appear as your pet ages.  The earlier we detect these health problems, the earlier we can get on top of them. 

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