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A Time to Meow

Our blog entry for March 2012

A time to meow:


How to interpret Feline Body Language

In order to understand general body language we need to watch the ears, eyes, tails, posture, and fur.


Relaxed: ears up but not directly focused on any one thing, soft eyes (slightly drooped), tails up and not bristled, and fur lying flat are all signs of a relaxed kitty

Attentive: ears up and focused, wide-open eyes with large pupils, tail up, and fur not necessarily bristled are all signs of an attentive kitty

Fearful: ears flatten against head, eyes fixated, hissing, tails high and bristled, and fur likely bristled over dorsal area are signs of a fearful feline (think Halloween cat!)

Defensive: similar to fearful, however, tail curved down, hair bristled, and body standing tall to appear larger are all signs of being defensive

Aggressive: ears rotate to show the backs of their ears, eyes are wide and pupils large, tail hangs straight down with bristled hair and usually standing tall are all signs of being aggressive



Is Rita Defensive? Aggressive? Fearful??

Actually, none of the above! Note the ears are relaxed and forward, the eyes are soft and pupils are small, her fur is not bristled and she’s sitting down – Rita is simply asking for some lunch with a friendly “meow”.

By: Laura McCredie


"Opal" and “Rita” in photo’s above