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This little beauty is named Bliss, how perfect is that?!! She was out in our yard for a little fresh air and looked so pretty we had to snap a photo :) ...

Say hello to Abby, a very sweet 12 year old Westie mix. She was a brave girl for her dental cleaning and now her kisses are sweet as honey ♥ ...

Here's a pic of Tulo in his happy place, snuggled in Danielle's arms ♥ ...

Mr Merlin is so relaxed during his appointment he decided to stretch out for a belly rub and a 'catnap'. 🐾 😉 ...

How can a MUTT help

How can a MUTT help you solve your dogs behaviour issues and training mishaps??


This is a brainstorming MUTT and it stands for:


Set them up for success right from the start. Puppy-proof your home and yard, this means putting shoes and belongings out of puppies-reach and providing acceptable chewing toys.

When it comes to behavioural issues, try your best to manage the situation. What can you change right now that might make a difference in a given situation? Chewing on precious belongings? Put them out of reach. Peeing in the house? Make sure they have frequent trips to the yard(especially after napping or keep them in a puppy enclosure (see http://www.dogstardaily.com/files/Housetraining_3.pdf for useful tips) Jumping up on guests? Keep on leash when guests arrive to more easily interrupt the behaviour. This way guests can be free to say 'hello' once your pup is calmly sitting next to you.


Brainstorm! Think about what is causing the problem… and change it. What is the underlying issue? Does your dog get a nice long walk everyday? Many dog trainers and behaviourists say "the only good dog, is a tired dog!". Please keep in mind appropriate exercise depending on your dogs age. Puppies under the age of one year should not be going for long runs.

Dogs who are under-exercised tend to build up a lot of energy and need to release it! A good long walk can prevent boredom-induced bad behaviours. A well-exercised dog will spend most of their indoor-time resting peacefully. It may be worth your while to invest in a dog-walker.

Spaying the girls and neutering the boys can greatly reduce unwelome advances, unwanted aggression and potentially harmful wandering.


Training will ideally have been started right from day one. However, this can be implemented at any point and as long as you are consistent, a dog of any age CAN and WILL learn.

If bad behaviours can be learned, they can be unlearned too! Through exercise, positive reinforcement, and seeking help where necessary, behaviours can be re-directed.

Please check the following websites,

for excellent reading tips and weekly trainer write-ups see www.dogstardaily.com;

for helpful, straight-forward training videos see www.dogmantics.com;

and for local training classes see www.campbellriverdogfanciers.com/.


Perseverance, patience, and time will be necessary to accomplish any goals that you have for your dog. You will likely be surprised at how little time it can take to teach your pup SIT, DOWN, and STAY.

(see http://www.dogstardaily.com/files/Come-Sit-Down-Stay.pdf)

Unwanted behaviours and bad habits are learned over a period of time. Dogs will eventually discover that they can get away with certain things if they are lacking boundaries and rules. These developed issues need to be UNlearned. Try not to expect results overnight, but over time and with consistency, they can be redirected and resolved!

Need more help or suggestions? Please don't hesitate to call us!

Written By:

Laura McCredie

Photo credit: "Henry"