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Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

We are excited to announce that we now offer rehabilitation and physical therapy services to our canine and feline patients!

Dr. Robin Rainford and Anila Rondeau RVT, have completed certification through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in Colorado and Florida.  Dr. Tutteli Pukarinen continues to practice acupuncture.


We are passionate about maximizing your pets' recovery after injury or orthopedic surgery.  Patients who undergo rehabilitation and physical therapy have improved healing times and return to normal activity more rapidly.  Senior pets benefit from rehabilitation through improved mobility and better quality of life.


Our goal is to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment options for your pets' particular condition.  Soft tissue injuries, such as tendinopathies and muscle strains can be particularly difficult to diagnose and treat. 

It is very common to find compensatory problems which makes a full body assessment very mportant.  Our initials assessments are one hour long and consist of history taking, gait and posture analysis, a full orthopedic, soft tissue and neurologic exam and a recommended treatment plan for the condition.  The treatment plans may include Pulse Electromagnetic Field Bed Therapy (PEMF), laser therapy, acupuncture, manual therapy, tens or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, massage, stretching and in-clinic and home exercise programs.




We welcome our current patients as well as referrals from other veterinarians.







Arthritis and Laser Therapy (video):  https://vimeo.com/199855413/b7ddc983cd

What is PEMF therapy and how it works http://respondsystems.com/pemf/how-it-works/

How does the laser workhttp://respondsystems.com/laser/laser-how-it-works/

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