It's a tough job dealing with cute and cuddly animals... :) Here is: Suna & Tikka, Kyda, Rayne and Bella ...

A lovely mix of some cute dogs & kitties visiting our clinic :)
Pepper - 9 yr old Catahoula mix
Bella - 4 month old Rag Doll kitten
Koda - 11 yr old Shih-Tsu mix
Chairman Mau - 12 yr old Siamese

Say hello to: Zyla, an 11 yr old lab; Luna, a 6 month old kitty; and Salsa, a 6 yr old Boston Terrier :) ...

Client Portal


Your pets yearly exam and vaccine reminders will be sent  exclusively via email or text or automated voice call.  To receive your pets yearly vaccine reminders, Coastland closure information, etc… Canadian privacy laws require that you "opt-in" to receive this information via email and/or text.  Please enter your Client Portal and choose your settings.  Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help if assistance is required.

We wish to thank you in advance for your patience during this transition time with our new system.


If your Furry Friend needs a refill of dewormer or medication, you can send us an email request.  Please keep in mind that we need at least 2 business days to look into your request.  You will be contacted if we have any questions or when the refill is ready for pick up.

Click here to send refill requests to our in-house pharmacy.



At Coastland Veterinary Hospital, we appreciate that our clients have busy schedules.  Beginning September 6th, you will be able to schedule your next vaccine appointment anytime, anywhere by using your Client Portal to book online.  Select the appointment time that best suits your schedule.

Click here to book vaccine appointments.




For your convenience, we have implemented an automated system to best accommodate your busy schedule.  You will receive automated appointment confirmations and reminders, that you can quickly and easily confirm from anywhere.  You can choose the type of confirmation that works best for you.

When you opt-in to the texting, you will receive a text message that you must respond to in order to complete the process.  If you do not answer "Y" to this text message, you will be considered opt-ed out.


Click here to access your Client Portal and adjust your setting to what suits you best.




For a variety of reasons, it is important that as your veterinary care provider, we have your up-to-date contact information.  Have you moved recently or changed contact phone number?  You can easily update your contact information by visiting your Client Portal.

Click here to access your Client Portal and update your contact information.