Tulo Tuesday! He was actually in yesterday because Alyssa was missing him and needed to get some cuddles in. Like his Momma, Tulo dons wonderful costumes, though he doesn't look super impressed in the 2nd photo! ...

Christmas shenanigans with Danielle handing out yummy treats in full festive regalia :) ...

Say hello to some of our recent visitors :) Bella is a 5 yr old lab, the white curly coated cutie is Madison who is a 10 yr old Maltipoo, and Hannah, the 11 yr old Golden Doodle ♥ ...

Have you ever wondered about Laser treatment for your pet? Here at Coastland we offer Laser therapy for a wide variety of health issues - here is a little info on our laser:

Class 3b vs Class IV Lasers

The dose of energy administered to your pet with the Laser is measured in Joules (energy per pulse). Both Class 3b and Class 4 lasers are capable of delivering exactly the same number of Joules, however a Class 3b laser will take a slightly longer time to deliver the required number of Joules. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Studies have shown that low doses of a longer duration is more effective for the reduction of inflammatory processes, whereas high power and short time are inhibitory, helping with acute pain, but the actual healing is slower. Class 3B lasers do not produce heat, so they can be used with contact and pressure to the skin. With contact, more light is forced into the tissue. And by using pressure, blood, being the main absorber of the light, is reduced in the area and the light can more easily penetrate the tissue. The pressure will also lead the laser probe closer to the target. Thus, a Class 3B laser can penetrate deeper into tissue than a Class IV laser. At Coastland we are very happy with the results we see with our Respond 3b laser.

Tulo is getting into the Christmas spirit! Happy Tulo Tuesday everyone :) ...

Exams / Consultations

At Coastland Veterinary Hospital, we believe that preventative care is the best way to keep your pet healthy and happy. Regular physical examinations can help to identify any concerns before they become a serious problem. These visits also provide the opportunity to get to know you and discuss any questions or concerns that you may have about your pet. This is important to us because, as we see it, we are all on the same team, with the goal of optimizing your pet’s ultimate physical health and emotional happiness.

Puppy or Kitten Visit: dsc_0144

We can get your puppy or kitten started off in the right direction by offering nutritional advice and training information and exercise recommendations. A vaccine appointment includes a full exam- health check. We will also send you home with a “puppy pack” or “kitty pack” full of useful information about spay/neutering, deworming, vaccine guide, a free trial of pet insurance, and special gift for your pet.




Vaccination Visits and Annual Exams:

  By knowing you and pet’s lifestyle we can recommend appropriate vaccinations.

 A thorough physical examination from whiskers to tail gives us the opportunity  to assess your pets overall health,  Remember- our pet’s age much faster  than us humans! Annual check-ups allow us to monitor your pet’s physical  health and allow us get to know you and your pet on a more personal level.



Senior pets:431527_284152131645288_544217738_n

 As our pets age they can develop lumps and bumps, arthritis, chronic pain, or one or more of a variety of ailments. An annual exam is so very important for our old friends, and using our trained eyes and hands we can look for any changes from one year to the next. A diagnostic blood panel is a very valuable addition to the physical examination of your senior pet. Bloodwork aides in the detection of the many chronic ailments that can be well managed with early diagnosis. Many senior pets can become painful after doing an average days’ worth of exercise. Our veterinarians are skilled in the detection of pain. There are now many safe medication options as well as supplements and acupuncture that may aide in improving your pet’s quality of life.

If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment, please call 250-926-0006.


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