Tulo, hard at work again. He needs a holiday 😆 ...

Zeus was here today giving moral support to his big brother. How did they ever find a shirt that tiny? 🐶 ...

Maddox isn't quite sure about having this satellite dish thing around his head 😆 We think it brings out his eyes! ...

Abby hanging out with our nurses - is she winking at us? 😉 ...

Bibi sure seems to like our sunny yard! 😁 ...


  • In memory of our darling Molly, who touched everyone's heart. We will miss her forever.
  • Our very special Ceilidh 2001-2015
  • Beautiful Leah. Great teacher, loved friend.
  • Bandit Chapman
  • Darling Esmerelda..."Esme" brightened our home and our hearts with her intelligence, beauty, and grace. She loved every one, greeting all with cuddles and purrs. Thank you Coastland for your gentle care in her final days.
  • SADIE - To the world you were just one. To us you were our world. Taken from us far too soon-you will be missed forever. March 26, 2013- March 27, 2016
  • Jenny Parker 2004-2016
  • Tucker
  • Dante "King of the Forest"
  • Buddy
  • Jersey Shaw
  • Jersey Shaw
  • Jersey Shaw
  • My dear companion K'lea (2001 - 2016)