It's a tough job dealing with cute and cuddly animals... :) Here is: Suna & Tikka, Kyda, Rayne and Bella ...

A lovely mix of some cute dogs & kitties visiting our clinic :)
Pepper - 9 yr old Catahoula mix
Bella - 4 month old Rag Doll kitten
Koda - 11 yr old Shih-Tsu mix
Chairman Mau - 12 yr old Siamese

Say hello to: Zyla, an 11 yr old lab; Luna, a 6 month old kitty; and Salsa, a 6 yr old Boston Terrier :) ...



We are a full service hospital with a variety of health and wellness programs designed to provide you and your furry family members with information and health care to help facilitate a long and happy life. We offer care for dogs and cats, as well as an assortment of small pets such as guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits and rats

Animal Health Week

Animal Health Week

The Coastland Veterinary Hospital is owned by Dr. Tutteli Pukarinen. She purchased the hospital in 1999. At that time, we were located next to Woofy's on the Island Highway. In 2011, we opened the doors to our new location on Larwood Road, fulfilling a collective dream of having a new roomy hospital for the 6 veterinarians and our large support staff who provide your pets with exceptional care.

Tulo and his minions...

Tulo and his minions…

At Coastland we try our best to make you and your pet as comfortable as we can. We try to model our clinic using tips from world renowned animal behaviourist Dr. Sophia Yin. When it comes to interacting with animals in what can, at times, be a stressful environment, we want to be in tune with how the animal is feeling. The pet can then be conditioned to be comfortable for all procedures, including nail trims, bloodwork, and physical exams. If your pet is nervous when visiting new places, or the vet office in particular, please let us know. We will all do our best to be respectful of his/her space, and help to make it an enjoyable visit by using positive reinforcement, and conditioning techniques.


Please see our Services page for a full list of our programs and hospital services.