Tulo, hard at work again. He needs a holiday 😆 ...

Zeus was here today giving moral support to his big brother. How did they ever find a shirt that tiny? 🐶 ...

Maddox isn't quite sure about having this satellite dish thing around his head 😆 We think it brings out his eyes! ...

Abby hanging out with our nurses - is she winking at us? 😉 ...

Bibi sure seems to like our sunny yard! 😁 ...

Pet Nutrition

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At Coastland Veterinary Hospital, our staff is available to help answer any questions you may have regarding your pet's nutrition.




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We have many diet options available, ranging from maintenance diets for the young and healthy, to more specialized diet for those patients with particular conditions.




We carry Royal Canin Diets http://www.royalcanin.ca/

and Hill's Prescription Diets http://www.hillspet.ca



There is so much information available online.  Here are a few sites that we recommend you visit:

Savvy Dog Owner’s Guide: Nutrition on the internet

Savvy Cat Owner’s Guide: Nutrition on the internet

Recommendations on Selecting Pet Food:  http://www.wsava.org/sites/default/files/Recommendations

Feline Facts and Nutrition

The Pet Obesity Epidemic