Tulo, hard at work again. He needs a holiday 😆 ...

Zeus was here today giving moral support to his big brother. How did they ever find a shirt that tiny? 🐶 ...

Maddox isn't quite sure about having this satellite dish thing around his head 😆 We think it brings out his eyes! ...

Abby hanging out with our nurses - is she winking at us? 😉 ...

Bibi sure seems to like our sunny yard! 😁 ...

Parasite Information and Control


Image result for parasite control in cats and dogs Parasite control is an important part of preventative medicine to help keep your pet healthy, as there are a variety of different parasites lurking around, including intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks.


Please ask our knowledgeable staff for advice on what products would best suit your pet's lifestyle.  We carry a variety of both oral and topical products, over the counter and prescription.

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At Coastland, we recommend deworming your pet a minimum of 4 times a year, (think every season).

Fleas and Tick control should be considered year round. 



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If you are travelling off Vancouver Island, and particularly out of Canada, please contact us, as different locations have different parasites.





The following websites are very informative





Check out the following videos



Some of the products we carry for flea and/or tick control are


Advantage for dogs or cats (topical treatment)




Advantage Multi for dogs and cats (topical treatment)



Bravecto (Prescription oral treatment)