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Have you ever wondered about Laser treatment for your pet? Here at Coastland we offer Laser therapy for a wide variety of health issues - here is a little info on our laser:

Class 3b vs Class IV Lasers

The dose of energy administered to your pet with the Laser is measured in Joules (energy per pulse). Both Class 3b and Class 4 lasers are capable of delivering exactly the same number of Joules, however a Class 3b laser will take a slightly longer time to deliver the required number of Joules. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Studies have shown that low doses of a longer duration is more effective for the reduction of inflammatory processes, whereas high power and short time are inhibitory, helping with acute pain, but the actual healing is slower. Class 3B lasers do not produce heat, so they can be used with contact and pressure to the skin. With contact, more light is forced into the tissue. And by using pressure, blood, being the main absorber of the light, is reduced in the area and the light can more easily penetrate the tissue. The pressure will also lead the laser probe closer to the target. Thus, a Class 3B laser can penetrate deeper into tissue than a Class IV laser. At Coastland we are very happy with the results we see with our Respond 3b laser.

Tulo is getting into the Christmas spirit! Happy Tulo Tuesday everyone :) ...

Senior Pets

Our goal is to give your pets the best quality and longevity of life as possible.  Old age is not a disease, but certain diseases can be age related.  Some conditions that can affect dogs and cats, such as kidney, heart, thyroid and dental disease, can start to appear as your pet ages.  The earlier we detect these health problems, the earlier we can get on top of them. 

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Slowing the progression of disease will greatly improve your pets quality of life and longevity.

Regular exams, bloodwork and urinalysis are all important monitoring tools that give us information that can help us keep your pets healthy.  Having an aging pet, expecially with multiple health problems, can be overwhelming.  Keeping track of medication, trying to encourage them to eat, dealing with mobility and senility and even incontinence can be both time consuming and emotionally difficult.  We are hear to help you. 



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Here at Coastland, we offer a variety of services that may benefit your aging pet.  The place to start is with a health exam.  The veterinarian will perform a thorough exam on your pet.  Blood work is often recommended to help us determine the level of your pets organ functions. 



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Dietary recommendations are often made as well.  It's incredible how a simple diet change can improve your pets health, especially if their kidneys are compromised, which happens quite often in senior pets.  All senior pets have some level arthritis and along with this comes mobility issues.  Acupuncture and rehabilitation can help your pet feel more comfortable.



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Nutritional Needs for Older Pets




Laser Therapy to help Arthritic discomfort  (video):  https://vimeo.com/199855413/b7ddc983cd